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Silvia Alfei is a visual artist, performer, author, choreographer, dancer and researcher.

A graduate of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, she has developed her practice over the years through meeting and working with Italian and international choreographers, musicians & visual artists more closely focusing on her own artistic research since 2007.

She is the author of performances, videos and cross-media projects presented at several festivals and events.

Her research explores the different ways in which the body’s expression can attain high levels of directional energy when placed in relation with space and with languages such as sound and images: her work thus creates collaborative and ever-challenging environments poised on the faultlines between experiential fields.


Multi-instrumentalist, composer and music artistic producer.

Collaborations: Karma, Afterhours, Mark Lanegan, Blaine L. Reininger (Tuxedomoon), Aco Bocina, Franco Battiato, Alice, Xabier Iriondo, Enrico Gabrielli, Sebastiano De Gennaro, Fausto Rossi, Raiz, Cristina Donà, Tiromancino, Hugo Race, Greg Dulli, Carla Bozulich, Justina Lee Brown, Simone Massaron, Denis Stern, Vladimir Demyanov, Pier Luigi Ferrari, Osvaldo Di Dio, Mino Di Martino, Dorian Gray, Benedetta Laurà, Gianpietro Marazza, Giancarlo Onorato, Opera Nomadi, Gnola Blues Band,  Andy J.Forest, Paolo Bonfanti, Roberto Morbioli, Zeno de Rossi. 

Other collaborations: Guido Harari, Guido Chiesa, Claudio Sinatti, Teatro Pane e Mate.

Fabio-Volpi- bn.jpg

Architect and multimedia artist.

His practice began with the Otolab collective in 2001, creating live multimedia events in Milan, Rome, Bologna, Brussels, Paris, Mexico City, Montreal and Oslo. In 2009 in Berlin he was awarded the Celeste Prize for his audiovisual performance Les champs magnétiques. In 2003 he founded the musical group Echran, that went on to release two albums with A Silent Place Records. In 2008 he curated the graphic images and visuals for contemporary music ensemble Sincronie, with live performances in Jakarta and Bali in Indonesia. Since 2008, Fabio has taught theories of representation, sound design and history of multimedia languages at the Bauer Professional Centre, and is a lecturer in audiovisual performance at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan. 

In 2012 he curated a personal exhibition as a foundational event for the “Materia Sonica” project, which then developed into its present form as a multimedia collective. Since 2013 his interest in video mapping has led to several live performances and installations, notably in Basel, Milan and Kiev. In 2019 he won first prize for his video mapping performance at the international Lights Festival in Kiev.

Collaborators ________________________________

Eclectic artist, an experimenter with shape and materials, a sculptress, head  designer and costume maker. 

Born in Lima, she grew up with her parents’ artistic passions: her father was a teacher, painter and cabinet maker; her mother a teacher, a model and stylist. The daughter of three continents, she has journeyed across diverse popular cultures and absorbed their suggestions, mythologies and techniques.

From the Peruvian forest to the Mediterranean, from the Pacific coasts to the metropolitan areas of Europe, her art is a tireless voyage in the physical and inner realms. Since her very early years, after learning to sew, she has practised the techniques of embroidery, knitting and macrame, as well as wood craft, pottery and papier-mâché.

Her fascination with Peruvian national art led her to begin a journey between craft and  shamanism and to deepen her knowledge of metalwork and of materials such as stones, pearls, corals, resins and seeds.

While living in Peru she led workshop and creative courses for adults, young adults and street children in collaboration with  organizations facilitating social integration. In North America she worked in a private workshop designing and creating jewellery. In 2002 she relocated to Italy, where she worked with S+M (atelier / boutique / millinery / furniture decoration), Marie Darmody, Salvatore Pischedda, Laura Marelli, G&P, Claudio Montias. She designed and created the stage costumes for “Valletti in valigia” dance show by Barbara Ughi (Bax). 

Her creative and research path involves a refining of the processes and techniques of material craft, pursuing originality and a contemporary freshness while holding the thread of ancient teachings.


Domenico Cicchetti began his career as a photographer in 1999 with the Palermofoto association: this allowed him to follow his drive towards intense research, widening his horizons and gaining access to the fields he is most naturally drawn to: reportage, stage, industrial and landscape photography, social memory, experimentation. 

Since 2005 he has expanded his activity into the field of lighting design, including formal training at the Scala academy in Milan in 2007-08, and now he works with several dance and theatre companies. 

Nel 2015 he was one of the photographers selected for the “Alinari Contemporary“ project.  

In autumn 2016 he began working on antique cyanotype photographic printing.  

Domenico runs photography workshops on different subjects, including antique cyanotype printing and stage photography, as well as motivational and advanced workshops exploring the symbiosis between stage lighting and photography. Between 2016 and 2019 he has worked with Moreno Gentili on several photography and communication.

Francesco Caracciolo.jpg

Born in Milan in 1989, Francesco Caracciolo enhanced his scientific studies by a  diploma in photography, awarded in 2011 by the Istituto Europeo di Design of Milan. 

In 2013 he started work on a project based on photographic portraits of the artists and professionals from diverse fields who most fired his imagination. His first subject was  David Lynch, whose work he has always very much admired. 

Caracciolo’s artistic outlook is characterized by an essential and visionary style, as evinced by his work for Dargen D’Amico’s music videoclip Modigliani. 

In 2015 he collaborated with the Otolab collective, a group of multimedia artists based in Milan, with whom he created sYn, a live audiovisual performance centred on the representation of a transcendental state of consciousness.

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